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TEA-Approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider for the State of Texas

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Communication that

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Communication that

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Let’s Communicate!

We offer innovative educational seminars, in-class coaching, supplemental materials, and on-line learning for adults and children.

Why should you partner with us?

We TRULY care about supporting children, teachers, administrators, and parents in our GLOBAL community. We believe that learning without laughter, discipline, and enjoyment is a form of educational malpractice. We don't just educate; we EDUTAIN!

Since 1998, we have:

  • delivered effective instructional seminars in twenty-five states to students, teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, and politicians.
  • served a variety of public schools, charter schools, and professional organizations.
  • delivered tailored motivational speeches.
  • assisted teachers in enhancing classroom instruction by observing lesson cycles, providing constructive feedback, and modeling alternative approaches.
  • focused on developing seminars, materials, and videos to assist regular, bilingual, and ESL classrooms.
  • played a major role in ensuring that our clients' standardized test scores grew when our strategies and products were used consistently.