We at Comuniquemos value customer feedback. At the conclusion of all services, we distribute evaluation forms to study the numerous comments and constructive criticism of attendees. Peruse this section to find comments from professionals and students who have attended our professional development, student workshops, and motivational speeches.


There are several nominal speakers. Then there are phenomenal speakers, like Shanedria Wagner, who deliver unforgettable, empowering, and informative seminars that will galvanize attendees to act. Her passion for education is only surpassed by her expertise in the area of instruction. As a tireless crusader for children who has crisscrossed the country for decades, I am proud to give Mrs. Wagner my stamp of approval. Any organization or school that secures her services is also securing the future of our youth.

Earl Rickman
President, National School Boards Association 2010-2011

The products are wonderful! I use Edutain with Music to teach math skills such as multiplication facts and problem solving strategies. All of the students love the Believer's Chant. It's the BOMB! I teach each of your reading songs. My favorite tune is the Main Point, which helps students to understand the main idea and enhance their writing skills. The Groovin' Grammar CD helps students to expand their vocabulary, use the parts of speech to create meaningful sentences, and identify the pitfalls of English usage. This is my testimony. Mrs. Wagner is truly a blessing from GOD. For the past ten years, I have faithfully used her products and strategies. My students have been very successful on the TAKS, Stanford 9, and Stanford 10. The passage rates of my pupils have consistently remained between 95 and 100 percent. Thanks,

Carolyn Wiley
4th Grade Teacher, Bonner Elementary, HISD

The one-on-one assistance and the phenomenal modeling that you offered in my bilingual classroom helped to transform me from a rookie to a Teacher of the Year turned instructional coordinator. I owe it all to you, since I implemented every strategy (classroom management and instructional) that you modeled. When others observe me in the classroom, they are watching the fruits of your labor. You are truly a master teacher who helped both me and my pupils to master challenging concepts in an engaging and memorable way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carlos Banda
Instructional Coordinator, Kennedy Elementary School, HISD

Shanedria Wagner is a dynamo. As a literacy coach I found myself using many of the strategies found in the variety of workbooks she has created as I worked with struggling learners. The students loved the integration of rap and movement into their intervention lessons. The thing that I liked the most is that the students were highly engaged, they utilized critical thinking skills, and it was culturally responsive and relevant to their every day experiences.

Dr. Shera D. Carter Sackey
Speech Professor

You embody all of the imitable characteristics of a master teacher. I STRONGLY urge you to capture your strategies on video so that the masses can duplicate and utilize your original, yet universally- applicable strategies. You are undeniably one of the best educators that I have ever observed; studying footage of your work with children has become a requirement for my collegiate students, consequently. May you continue to answer your calling of preparing and empowering all children.

The late Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III (Nana Baffour Amankwatia)

You came along and single-handedly lead us to success. You showed our third grade bilingual teachers how to teach reading strategies efficiently and methodically. The confidence of our students rose, as well as our test scores. You have truly offered dynamic, applicable strategies that have become part of my teaching style.

Gloria Chen
3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher, Cornelius Elementary School, HISD

Any principals looking to grow their bilingual teachers as well as increase academic achievement for their students would truly benefit from Mrs. Shanedria Wagner’s consulting firm. I used her to increase my TELPAS scores and build my bilingual and ELA teachers’ capacities. Her tool belt is vast and has great resources in ELA and math as well. She worked relentlessly and was readily available for all of my bilingual and ELA teachers. Comuniquemos is one of the reasons my previous campus became a B-rated school.

Dr. Evette Shelby-King
Aldine ISD

Mrs. Wagner’s passion is infectious and her wisdom unbeatable. She takes away the apprehensions/fears teacher have of teaching Literacy and English Language Learners. She equips them with fun, engaging tools that move student data! It’s always a party with a purpose!

Meagan Edwards
Principal, Houston ISD


This workshop has been very helpful and it has given me the chance to learn a lot of things that are going to help me write a lot better. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help.

Christina Rodriguez
10th Grade

Mrs. Wagner, I thought you were great and I loved that you came today, because I actually learned something.

Alex Soliz
10th Grade

I enjoyed Shanedria Wagner's class! She makes learning fun. She impressed me by how she gets the student's attention. It's really generous of her to help us kids and we thank her for that.

Wendy Melgar
10th Grade

Hello My name is Marcela Ruiz, I am in the 10th Grade. I really enjoyed it!

Marcela Ruiz
10th Grade

I loved the time I spent with Mrs. Wagner. I wish she could stay and teach every day here.

Amanda Montalbo
10th Grade

In my opinion I think that this is very interesting. It helps you in every possible way but is entertaining.

Jessica Roderiguez
10th Grade
SW_pics_Testimonials 02

Dear Mrs. Wagner: I would like to take time out to thank you for your time and peace of mind. You expressed the importance of knowledge and education, in an interesting but serious manner. The five hours I was in your presence seemed like years or maybe I was just wishing it was. Anyways! You may have gotten paid, but you really had a successful impact on many. As obvious as it may have seemed there were many that needed it but didn't take advantage of it. You are a great encouragement. You will always be remembered as someone who cared.
Thank you

Jarius Dellevere


I have heard countless motivational speakers through my national travels, but never have I had the privilege of witnessing a speaker quite like Shanedria. Her creative uniqueness empowers her to tailor dynamic and engaging speeches that are appropriate for her captivated audiences: be they adults or children, educators or parents. I would highly recommend her for your organization. She is one unforgettable speaker who consistently earns superb evaluations. I truly enjoyed working with her through my consulting firm, Culturally Correct.

Christie McCullough
Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Brand Management Women's Business Enterprise National Council
Washington, D.C.

Energetic, captivating, humorous, informative-those are the words that capture Shanedria's speaking ability. She is a one-stop star who shines and inspires our youth while imparting valuable information that they can apply immediately. Through the years I have had the opportunity to see her deliver stellar speeches and presentations and am always confident that the audience will walk away wanting to hear more. She was born to speak and teach.

Karen Franklin
Chairman/CEO World Youth Foundation, Inc.