Fortify the communication skills of your students through these engaging services. Welcome to our services section, where you will find descriptions of our engaging workshops, in-class coaching, and motivational speeches. Please note that the shift to online delivery will not compromise the quality or effectiveness of our consulting, coaching, or speaking services. If you don’t see the topic of your choice, contact us since we pride ourselves in crafting workshops to meet the specific needs of our clients.


A Workshop Designed to Enhance Written Composition Skills

This workshop covers the organization, elaboration, and editing strategies required to create well-organized and precise written works. Schools choose one focus (e.g. organization, elaboration, or editing) to be covered per two-day seminar since all topics cannot be adequately covered. The Five P's of Powerful Papers (e.g. prompt, ponder, points, paragraphs, perfection) provide the framework for each workshop, after which the main objective becomes the focus. In the organization portion, students learn and utilize strategies and vocabulary to respond to various types of prompts. Twenty-one elaboration strategies are modeled during the elaboration workshop. Pupils are required to select the strategies that appeal to them most before utilizing them in context with proper punctuation. Finally, common writing pitfalls such as vagueness, wordiness, and poor sentence structure are the focus on the workshop on editing.

A Workshop Using Movement, Music, and Mnemonics for Mathematical Mastery

(For Elementary Schools ONLY) Currently available for elementary schools, this workshop empowers participants to apply computation and problem solving strategies in daily situations and on standardized exams. The Six C's of Problem Solving -- carefully read, circle, cross out, choose, compute, and check -- give attendees a step-by-step process for solving any kind of math problem. Catchy, confidence-building chants and songs simplify the sometimes overwhelming process of mastering a variety of mathematical concepts. Easy-to-memorize dance steps and body movements help participants to internalize basic facts and problem solving strategies. Most importantly, the modeling of the application of these strategies is the final key to unlock the door of confusion that often lowers student achievement.

Utilizing the Power of the Four Ps to Improve Reading Proficiency on Exams and Beyond

Students are equipped with proven strategies to successfully comprehend reading selections and to correctly respond to questions on standardized reading exams. The Four P's to Pass make students accountable for pre-reading passages, perusing paragraphs, picking answers, and proving them. Mnemonics, music, and movement are then utilized to dramatically improve retention. Concepts such as understanding word meaning, finding the main idea, identifying cause and effect, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and recognizing context clues are covered. By feeling prepared to master reading objectives, students enjoy bolstered confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

An Engaging Workshop that Simplifies Grammar and Builds Grammarians

Groovin' Grammar was created to add spice to traditional grammar instruction. After identifying the most common pitfalls in English usage, participants engage in chanting to facilitate memorization of the parts of speech and their correct usage. Unforgettable songs and chants empower attendees to avoid errors in written and spoken communication like subject-verb disagreement, double negatives, apostrophe omission, pronoun disagreement, adjective and adverb misuse, prepositional mistakes, and incorrect verb use. This workshop is especially effective for regular and ESL students who have difficulty expressing their thoughts in standard English. Students walk away with tools to broaden their vocabulary, speak confidently, and create meaningful sentences.

A Workshop Facilitating Bilingual Education and ESL Instruction

Emergent bilingual scholars comprise an increasing percentage of American school children and are often taught by teachers who are either clueless or curious about effective strategies to reach them. Even instructors who have undergone extensive training still find themselves in need of additional resources to meet the needs of second-language learners. This workshop promotes cultural sensitivity as teachers assume the roles of emergent bilingual students to view the classroom from the learners' perspectives. The presenter discusses the history and theory of bilingual education and identify common myths about second language acquisition. Finally, the presenter provides practical language-development activities that can be implemented immediately.

A Workshop Equipping Instructors, Regardless of Content-Area Expertise, with Effective Reading Strategies

Any non-language arts instructor who has ever questioned or wondered how to integrate their course objectives and reading skills needs to attend this workshop, which demonstrates the undeniable connections between reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and all content areas. Participants will walk away with easy-to-implement strategies that reinforce concepts and skills simultaneously. Each activity is aligned with the learning objectives of multiple disciplines, eliminating doubt about which standards are being met. Attendees will be given opportunities to model the strategies themselves to ensure that they are actively engaged in the training process. Most importantly, they will understand how to deliver instruction that is valuable, vigorous, and versatile.

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In-Class Coaching

Coaching to Invigorate the 21st Century Educator

Are you an administrator who is seeking methods that empower your teachers to deliver more effective instruction? Are you an educator searching for ways to differentiate instruction in your classroom? Secure our in-class coaching services to bolster student performance.

In class coaching is an intense instructional option that supports teachers in the following areas:

  • lesson planning and delivery
  • differentiated instruction
  • second-language teaching strategies
  • classroom management

Schools have the option to schedule one-time or ongoing coaching sessions, during which the consultant models lessons for and/or coteaches with the teacher of record. Schools select one content area of focus (based on the workshop descriptions) and purchase workbooks for students and teachers.

Motivational Speaking

Let Shanedria deliver a message of power, imagination, inspiration, and insight for your next event.

In accordance with your organization's request, our speaker would either create or tailor a speech to complement the theme of your conference, graduation, retreat, or program. Whatever the occasion, the content and message would be customized, appropriate, and memorable. We deliver traditional speeches and facilitate engaging conversations while blending thought-provoking, enlightening, and entertaining words to captivate and motivate attendees. Creativity, originality, and relevance guide us in the preparation of unique, yet universally-appealing discourse. Groups can be addressed in both English and Spanish. Below are some of the speeches we have delivered.

  • Beliefs and Behavior
  • Fun Fundraising
  • Phenomenal Versus Nominal
  • Portable Power
  • Starting Over
  • Talking Right
  • The Definition of a B.A.L.L.E.R.
  • Turning Around
  • Using Your Voice
  • Where There’s a Skill, There’s a Way

If you are searching for a speaker who will captivate your audience members and inspire them to meet professional and personal goals, please contact us for more information.

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For Parents & Individuals

Effective Tutoring to Help Your Child Reach Academic Standards of Success

Are you interested in virtual small group or private tutoring in French, Spanish, language arts, or math? Would you like to enroll in small or private sessions to develop fluency in Spanish or French? If so, click here to visit the Spanish Etc. of Pearland website, where you will find descriptions, pricing, and scheduling information for our online services.