The Baller



Belief, books, bilingualism, battle, and balance: these principles form the core of this motivational message of nationally recognized educational consultant and motivational speaker, Shanedria Wagner. Sharing inspiring anecdotes from her journey from the inner city to the national stage, she reveals her strategies for overcoming obstacles, essential to-do lists for the young and not-so-young who crave true success.

Wagner aims to galvanize those performing below their potential to stop playing around, become more competitive (on and off the court), and start winning the game of life. She intends to inspire high achievers to “stay on the ball” by becoming even more conscious and knowledgeable. Moreover, she compels all readers to recognize their brilliance, broaden their purpose, identify role players, refine communication skills, and rebound from obstacles.

Delivered with prose and poetry, this playbook is also packed with several dozen SAT vocabulary words in context and extraordinary feats of the famous and unfamiliar. Most importantly, Shanedria Wagner emphasizes the importance of influence over income in an effort to discourage the relentless pursuit of money that sometimes lessens the quality of one’s life. Finally, Wagner broadens the meaning of the term BALLER to signify a brilliant, active, literate, leader, excelling regardless.


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